What is the point of having a wedding videographer when I already have a photographer?
Beautiful wedding images are a must, but there are things that a cinematic wedding film can provide that a photograph simply cannot (and vice versa). In addition to gorgeous moving pictures, a wedding film gives you the dimension of audio to your wedding memories. Music and words. In years to come, you hear the sounds of your wedding.Fond memories of what you sounded like when you gave your vows. Listen back to the toasts and speeches from your wedding party, mom and dad, close relatives and friends. Over-joyed, slightly nervous, relieved, unbridled happiness…yes to all!

You’ll also get a unique view of your wedding. A view that not everyone can see, not even you. It is very likely that you will miss some moments of your wedding because you’ll be so busy dancing, greeting guests, cutting the cake, celebrating! Your memory could be your only source aside from pictures, but how will you remember energy and sounds? The only way to preserve these precious memories is by capturing it with wedding videography. It will show future generations your one of a kind love!

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